Added on April 18, 2015

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  • Im 15 4 years ago

    Everytime I see one of those big fucking vibrators I can’t help but laugh :’)

  • I'm 12 4 years ago

    Are you kidding me? Just burst out laughing. And she’s still trying to whisper with road work level sounds

  • 14 here 3 years ago

    is that a fucking vacuum XD that vibrator is intense. 10/10

  • I'm 18 3 years ago

    That was hot af till the massive vibrator came out

  • everytime i see this video i take a hammer to fucking balls it just really gets me going

  • TwistedR 2 years ago

    Yeeeaaah, this isn’t binaural. I swear whoever’s titling these doesn’t know what they’re doing. 😛

  • Mike34 1 year ago

    That was hot sexy