VR 3D 180° or 360° ASMR?, WOW!!

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    Hello, i´m pretty new to ASMR, not more than a year and i really got wondered with the relaxing effects it haves and now discovering that there are ASMR wih erotic content, that´s wonderfull but still i think quality needs to be worked, i mean 3D microphones and HD cameras, and a big hit i´m shure the ASMR is going to have soon is with Virtual Reality enabled videos and of course in 3D, mi big dream is to have a video where you can have a girl in front of the 3D camera acting as kissing, whispering making mouth sounds up close and personal just in front of you, can you imagine the power of such video??, i really die to have one of a kind video, it would be my realized dream!.

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